Performance FAQs

Many of your questions can be answered on our Terms & Conditions page.


  • I didn’t pay for my Performers Pass before November 30th.  What do I do next?
    • December 15th is the absolute last day to secure your performance but a late fee now applies.
    • Use the SAME payment link in your approval email to make payment.
    • Late Fee will NOT be waived.
    • If your team is not fully paid by December 15th, your team will be removed from the roster.
    • Check and/or Cash are NOT accepted.  All transactions must be made through our website.


  • I have a dancer that previously purchased a General Admissions pass.  What do I need to do?
    • AFTER your team has been sent the “Approval” email, the DANCER will need to contact REGISTRATION (General & Performers) with their information (Full Name / Email / Order No).  As a courtesy to our Performers, there is NO charge to do a one-time Ticket Type change from a FULL Pass to a Performer Pass.  Single Night Pass holders are NOT eligible for transfer.
    • NOTE:  If a Performer purchased a VIP Seat Upgrade or Challenge, those passes will remain as-is.  Example:  VIP Full Event Pass will become a VIP Performers Pass.


  • My team has been approved BUT I need to ADD more dancers to the same team.  What do I need to do?
    • As long as it is BEFORE December 15th, you can use the SAME payment link emailed to you.  Late Fee(s) apply if after November 30th.  No exceptions!
    • If AFTER December 15th, a Late Fee and Service Fee will apply.  See link in your approval email for current price.  No exceptions!


  • I or my Dancer paid for a Transfer Request.  What happens next?
    • Upon a successful transfer request, the Requestor would have received a PayPal payment confirmation.  With that payment, the following will and/or may occur:
      • ORIGINAL Ticket Holder (REQUESTOR) needs to send in the transfer request.  The REQUESTOR will receive a confirmation email confirming the transfer was completed.  Requestor no longer needs to do anything else.
      • NEW Ticket Holder will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.  This email will contain a CONFIRMATION NUMBER.  If our Registration VOLUNTEER has time, they will physically update the ticketing system.  If they do not have time, the NEW TICKET HOLDER will need to bring his/her photo ID and a copy of the Transfer Confirmation Email to Registration.
      • TRANSFERS can be made up until wristbands are claimed at Registration.
      • All transfers are between the Original and New Ticket Holders.  HSD, Inc. does not govern this process.


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